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Early victory for Robert McNair

I had some time off over Christmas and , whilst I was expecting a commission from the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, I was not in a position to get started. I thought I would do a picture just for … Continue reading

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Return to Base

This project was a commission for a Major in the U.S.A.A.F who happened to be a Spitfire fan. This particularly fortuitous as I never tire of painting this beautiful aeroplane. It is almost a cliche when people talk about their … Continue reading

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‘ghossa praang’ (fierce tiger)

Increasingly I have found it difficult to find time to research the pictures I do and have blessed the enthusiasm and input of my good mate Dave. His knowledge of ‘things military’ and in particular fire arms have proved essential … Continue reading

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2 Squadron Commision

I was asked by the R.A.F Benevolent Fund to create an image for 2 squadron R.A.F.Regiment based at Honnington in Suffolk. I was given the loose remit that it was to illustrate  the invaluable services of the Regiment to operations … Continue reading

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Afghan Commando

Most commissions I am asked to do tend to be of Second World War aviation, but recently I have felt a need  to expand into more contemporary areas of military history. This is motivated by my huge admiration for our … Continue reading

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